Why Aiglon Capital?

Aiglon Capital is a private investment firm that has successfully acquired, managed, and grown lower middle-market manufacturing, distribution, and service companies.  Combining our operational expertise, capital, and transaction experience, we have helped create value for the companies and management teams with which we partnered.

Three variables drive the value of a company: market multiples, credit availability, and operations (earnings growth).  We focus on the one variable that we can control – operations.

We start by helping owners prioritize their long-term personal and business goals and objectives.  Once these are set, Aiglon Capital works with management to improve two key drivers of value creation at the company: sales growth and operational improvements.  We will work with management to develop a comprehensive strategic growth plan to drive sales and identify areas to make operations more efficient.

We believe that business success is based on integrity, focus, and experience. We care about the customers, the employees, and the communities of the firms we acquire, and we work hard to protect their interests throughout the acquisition process and while under our leadership.  We believe these qualities make Aiglon Capital an attractive partner to increase the value of your business.