Strategic Advisory Group

In addition to making acquisitions, Aiglon Capital will provide advisory services in select situations.  Aiglon Capital’s Strategic Advisory Group will work with middle market manufacturing and distribution clients to develop and implement strategic growth plans, improve operations, and restructure finances.

Three variables determine value of a company: market multiples, credit availability, and operations (company profitability).  Our Strategic Advisory Group’s process is based on the same fundamentals that we utilize with our portfolio companies, which is to focus on the one variable you can control – operations to grow earnings.

We start by helping owners prioritize their long-term personal and business goals and objectives.  Once these are set, Aiglon Capital works with management to improve the two key drivers of value creation at the company: sales and operations.  We will work with management to develop a comprehensive strategic growth plan to drive sales and identify areas to make operations more efficient and increase earnings.

We can also assist companies to develop an exit strategy following a simple methodology highlighted below:

  • Assess business, industry trends, and competitive environment
  • Conduct due diligence to identify underlying strengths and opportunities and company’s value proposition
  • Develop a strategic and annual operating plan
  • Identify potential acquirers and product/service gaps
  • Upgrade internal and external financial reporting
  • Develop a detailed financial modeling tool that incorporates operating and financial metrics, equity valuation analysis, and five year projections

Our compensation is primarily performance based and is tied to the company’s increase in equity value from the time of our engagement.  The business owner preserves cash and retains a committed and motivated advisor on a long-term basis.